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Accepting current high school juniors for preliminary college acceptance essay reviews beginning January 15, 2019

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B.S. Ed Northeastern University

M. Ed Northeastern University

MFA Smith College

MAT Harvard University T.I.E. Program

Intel Teach to the Future Senior Trainer

 MA DESE Certification Professional Level 4 Fields 

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20 years plus as a public educator

Multiple ELA classes taught including Senior Seminar/Project Mashpee Public Schools 

Currently Accepting New Students


Currently Accepting New Students

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Jann Davis Social Media Consultant

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Contact me to inquire how to begin your college application essay. A tutorial (MCAS 5X5X3 ) is online on my Facebook page under NOTES:

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 I offer business-related content services to small businesses including blog revisions. Fees are based on an owner’s needs, $25 per hour. 

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I understand that each student is unique. A consultation includes questions about your specific future educational goals.

Jann Davis

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